Friday, January 15, 2016

Tevita 4 and 5 Months

Originally written May 2013

Well I tried my best to write every month but here we are, 5 and a half months already and only blogging now... so anyways here we go.  Baby Ti had his 4 month check up on April 16th, he weighed in at 18lbs 2oz and 28 1/2in long.  And he is bigger now but don't have his measurements.  He is getting so big!  around 4 months he was already wearing 9 month pants and he could still fit into 6 month onesies but the 9 month ones fit as well.  Now at 5 months he is wearing 9 month clothes and as the weather is getting warmer we don't have to worry about his pants being floods.  He is still wearing size 3 diapers but with his chunky thighs we could probably move up to size 4.  He continues to be such a strong boy, he started sitting up right around 4 months, he would put his arms out in front of him to steady himself and could hold it for a few seconds before falling over.  We're now still working on getting him to sit up but is getting better at it and can hold it for longer than a few seconds.  He rolled over from his back to belly for the first time on April 15th, I've seen him roll from his belly to back a few times but doesn't do it very often.  He really does tummy time so well and will stay on his belly for long periods of time without crying.  Lately just the past week or so he has started to kind of push up enough and kind of get onto his knees like he wants to start crawling.  But he doesn't quite get anywhere and he starts to get frustrated and then cries.  But I feel like he may start crawling soon, or at least army crawling.  We started him on baby cereal just after his 4 months.  He really seemed to like it at first and we were feeding him just once a day and sometimes not at all.  As we started doing it more daily it seems like he is not liking it so much.  But he is always really interested when we are eating food in front of him like he wants to eat real food already.
He continues to be a smiley baby and he is sometimes such a flirt with anyone who gives him attention.  He has the cutest little silent laugh that he does all the time but has started to laugh more now especially when you play with him.  He loves sitting in his Bumbo, walker, or highchair.  He just sits and will play with toys or whatever he can reach.  We were calling him Brother for Lusi and when ever we would tell Lusi to say Brother it first started out as Brieder then it changed to Brayer, now it has evolved to Bear and that has become his new nickname.  He is still Cool Ti but mostly we call him Bear, Son or just Ti. 
Baby Ti had his first Easter March 31, Teki's family watched them on the Saturday before and Teki's mom did a Easter egg hunt for Lusi and got her an Easter basket.  Her aunty Lika got her an Easter basket and we got her a basket and some eggs, needless to say she was very spoiled!  Easter morning Teki had to work so me and Lusi dyed some eggs and then got ready for church, Teki met us there and we all had a good day together.  Of course Baby Ti was an angel.
Lusi is still a sweetheart to Ti and loves to try and help out with him but she has started being rougher with him and will sometimes scold him or hit him.  I know she isn't trying to be mean but it's hard to get her to understand that she needs to be soft or that he is still a baby and we don't do that to him.  Sometimes she is just so cute though, almost every morning she is jumping in his crib with him and playing with him giving him loves.  She copies him a lot of the time and I know she gets jealous of him a lot.  I just try to give her attention and hope that it is enough.
Lusi's 2nd birthday was April 15th, I can't believe that she is two already!  It has gone so fast and it's like my baby isn't a baby any more.  She is so hilarious and cracks me up with all the weird crazy things she does.  She still can drive me crazy, test my patience and push my buttons but that all just comes with the job.  She had officially entered her terrible twos and she shows it.  I am just loving being her mom and trying my best to just be the best to her.  We celebrated Lusi's birthday April 13th by just having a small get together/bbq at our house.  Lusi loved all the attention and it was a fun time.  The next day we went to Vegas for my cousin Keti's farewell.  The babies drove down with my mom, sisters and Reed and I flew out after work.  My dad also flew out and met us all there.  It was a nice Sunday and got to see some family from Hawaii and Texas that also came out.  We didn't get to enjoy all the Vegas-y things but it's okay because that's not what we went for.  Just adding another state to Baby Ti's travelings

Things have been kind of hard with me working and having to find family to watch the kids so I'm hoping to stop working next month in June sometime.  It will be nice to be home with the kids and be able to give them all the attention they deserve.  I just love being a mommy and being able to have these two kids who couldn't be more opposite but equally loveable. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tevita Three Months..

Originally written March 2013

Three months have really flown by... I can't believe how quickly the time has gone.  I am writing this a bit late but still I want to try to write every months changes.  So here goes... 3 and almost a half months.  The beginning of this month was the end of my 12 week maternity leave, I hadn't really planned on going back to work because we didn't really have anyone to watch the kids and it's kind of hard asking someone to watch two kids, without having to put them in daycare.  So we kind of figured everything out and Teki's sister said she would help out and we got a plan for everything.  So I went back on the 6th (Baby Ti's 3 month birthday) and I work Wed - Sat.  And Teki had switched his schedule around so he is off on those days and he and his sis coordinated to always have someone home with them.  It was hard going back to work and I know it was hard for Lusi especially.  She had become so attached to me being home every day with her.  It was really sad to leave them both, but since I have the insurance for our family through my job I had to go back, at least for a little bit and to help out with hospital bills and other expenses. 
My last month at home was pretty nice, we continued to potty train Lusi which she has done pretty well at but I feel like maybe I jumped the gun and started her too early because I feel like we've been doing this for over a month and she still isn't the best, but I don't know cause I've never potty trained anyone before.  But she continues to get better but then some days not so much, on a good note she has never had an accident in public.  Either way it's too late to turn back now so we will just keep moving forward with it.
Lusi continues to be a loving big sister it's always so sweet when I catch her doing nice things for him, whether it's putting a blanket on him or putting his binky in his mouth our just sitting and (trying to) play with him.  She still gets jealous and it gets hard trying to juggle them both but I just do my best and try to spend time with each of them so they know I love them.

Baby Ti has been getting so chubby, I just love all his rolls and chub!  I don't know how much he weighs but he sure is getting heavy.  He is also so tall, he is in 6 month pants but I put him in a pair of 9 month pants and they were a bit long but fit pretty well.  He is still wearing 3 month onesies but that is just because I don't really have more clothes for him (yet).  They still fit, they are just tight, so I would say he is or should be wearing 6 month clothes and possibly 9 month pants.  He is wearing size 3 diapers, we kind of skipped size 2 because the Costco brand diapers only have 1-2, then 3.  So we just moved him on up and they fit pretty good with his chunky thighs! 
Baby Ti had his first Valentines day we celebrated by having Teki home which doesn't always happen and we all had breakfast together then we went to the library story time then the Aquarium.  It was a nice family day and I'm just glad I got to spend it with my loves.  The next day we headed down to St. George and stayed with Teki's brother and his family.  Teki had a rugby game down there and so we decided to all go down and visit.  It was such a nice weekend out there the weather was perfectly warm and it was nice to get some sun.  It was also nice to spend time with my sister in law Kanani and my lil niece Anuhea.  The next weekend Teki had a home game in Seattle and so Baby Ti and I flew out to go watch his game and we left Lusi with Teki's parents.  It was also Teki's birthday weekend since his bday was on the 20th.  So we wanted to have a little trip before I had to go back to work.  It was exciting for me since I'd never been to Seattle, so baby Ti and I flew in on Friday the 22nd.  We stayed with our friends Mike and Pua Palefau.  They have the cutest little family and it was fun visiting with them and just enjoying a weekend away and playing tourists.
On the big wheel in Seattle
In St. George
In Baby Ti's three short months he has already visited two other states!  I think he was meant to travel since he is such a good baby on flights and just in general.  He really is my little angel.  He could not be more opposite from his sister.  He still just chills all the time, hardly cries and is so easy.  He is so good with his tummy time and his neck is so strong he can now sit in his Bumbo and loves to sit up and just look around and whats going on.  He still is sleeping well at night he is starting to go 5-7 hours.  He usually takes about a good 4 hour nap during the day and then little naps here and there after that.  He is still very social and such a smiley, happy boy.  I still am completely obsessed with him and think he is the most handsome boy ever!  He is started to want more attention and I forget he is growing up and wants to play too sometimes.  He is just such a sweet boy and I am so in love with him.  I think Heavenly Father knew I needed an easy baby so that I could keep up with my already terrible almost 2 year old.  I love my little family!
Gotta just add this one cause she is crazy and I love her!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

They call me Cool Ti...

Originally written 02/2013... never posted because I was too lazy to add pictures so now two and a half years later here it is... lol.

2 Months already I can't believe it!  Time is going too fast and baby Ti is getting so big!  This last month was really fun and exciting for us.  After we weren't able to make it to Hawaii for Christmas I still really wanted to go and see the family and get out of the cold!  Teki was going to have to stay and work so it would be me traveling with the two babies.  So I had my 6 week postpartum appointment on Jan. 14 so we decided to leave the next day, the 15th, luckily the direct flight to Hawaii was open and we were able to get on that flight.  Teki was already at work so we had his sister drop us off and he was able to help us through security which really helped out a lot!  Even better the flight was open enough to get a seat for all of us.  Baby Ti was so good he slept for more than half the flight and I brought his car seat so I didn't have to hold him the whole time.  I was really worried how Lusi was going to do but surprisingly she did really well.  She finally went to sleep with about 2 hrs left of the almost 6 hr flight.  I was so happy to get to Hawaii and my mom and Mele were so happy to see the babies!  We spent two weeks out there and Teki was able to come out for the our last weekend, which was really nice and we had a lot of fun hanging out with my siblings.  We left Hawaii  on the 29th and my mom came back with us and she was able to help me out at the airport.  We took the night flight so the babies just slept the whole time which was nice.  Mele came in the next day and my dad the following day because we were blessing baby Ti on Sunday.  We had his baby blessing on February 3rd.  Teki did the blessing and did such a good job.  I am so grateful for a worthy priesthood holder who is able to bless our children and just be the head of our family.  We had a small get together at our house afterwards.  It was nice because it was also the Superbowl so we had lots of family, food, and then football.  It was such a nice day and of course Baby Ti was an angel for his blessing.  Since then my dad, mom and Mele all went back to Hawaii but it was nice to have them all here.  It has been just back to me and the babies all day while Teki works.  We have since started potty training Lusi and it was been going pretty well so far only a few accidents but we're getting there.
Today we had baby Ti's 2 month appointment.  He weighs in at 14lbs 4oz (95th%) and he is 24.5in long (90th%).  He is growing so fast and getting so big.  I feel like he grew so much just this past month even Teki noticed a big difference with not seeing him for a week and a half before he came out to Hawaii.
He is still such an angel baby, he is so calm and chill most the time.  He hardly ever cries only when he is hungry or wants some attention.  It is so cute if he is fussing his cries turn to smiles and laughs if you just start talking to him.  He is such a smiley baby, and he is very social.  If you start talking to him he is all smiles, he loves the attention.  He has continued to be a good sleeper.  He will sleep for 4-5 hrs during the night and I am still only waking up once with him usually early morning.  Then he will take lots of naps throughout the day which gives me plenty of time to get things done and take care of crazy Lusi.  It was nice in Hawaii cause with all the going around he was just nice and asleep in his car seat most the time.
He is now wearing size 1-2 diapers but i think he's going to need size 2 very soon.  I'm just waiting to finish this last box and he will be moving up.  He is wearing size 0-3 or 3 mo clothes (if there is even a difference).  We'll see how long that lasts, since I feel he is growing so fast.  I can already see his pants getting a bit short... he may need 6 mo pants already!  His double chin has come in very nicely as have his leg rolls and arm rolls.  He is just such a cute little squish.  He is such a good quick eater.  With Lusi I felt she was constantly on the boob, she would just eat and eat and eat,  I could give her the boob any time and she would take it, with Ti he will eat and when he is done he doesn't want it at all.  He eats better during the day but at night it is hard to keep him up even for a full 10 mins so I am having to pump just in the mornings to drain what he hasn't finished so I am still adding to my growing freezer stock.  He still takes a pacifier really well but isn't too attached to it.  His skin cleared up really well when we were in Hawaii and has only gotten better since being back, it's nice to have a smooth skin baby finally.  We have been calling him just baby Ti, some famliy call him Vita, Teki calls him Buddy, and my dad decided that he is Cool Ti.  I like that best but I still just call him, Son.  He continues to be such a bleesed addition to our family.  Every day I just obsess over how cute and loveable he is.  I feel like such a blessed mom to have such beautiful loving kids.  They are really are the light in my life and I am so grateful for this time I get to spend with them everyday.  I really don't want to go back to work but I am afraid I might have to. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

1 Month Already!

I have to say I hate this hat!  But he does look cute in it!  It needs to be RED!

I can't believe that it has already been 5 weeks today since I had baby Ti.  It is crazy to think of life before him although things were a lot easier with just one child it is totally worth it to have him here!  He is such a good baby.  From the beginning he slept so well, he would sleep for up to four hours at a time and in the hospital I had to keep waking him up to feed him and he was so tired he would just go back to sleep.  The same thing happened once we came home but once I had my milk in, by the third day, he was eating well but I still would have to wake him and had a hard time keeping him up to eat from both sides, leaving me with uneven boobs.  Needless to say I had to do a lot of pumping and in these short 5 weeks I already have almost 100 bags of milk frozen, all at about 5 oz each.  Yes I totally feel like a cow! 
So he has been sleeping most of the day still and goes to bed around 11:30 he has been sleeping till around 4 or 5 most nights then go back to sleep until 8:30ish which has been such a blessing to me and actually lets me get some sleep so I have the energy to take care of Lusi also through out the day. 
His favorite way to sleep!
arms up!

I like when he sleeps on his belly, he sleeps longer.

He is so content most of the time to just sit and chill he doesn't cry to be carried or fuss too much if we just leave him laying on blanket or in his bouncer.  He is a total opposite of how Lusi was as a baby.  He has started taking a pacifier.  We tried one with Lusi and she never liked it, she always spit it out.  But baby Ti will just sit and suck on it and cry when it falls out.
At his two week appointment he weighed in at 8lbs 6oz.  Then at 4 weeks I just weighed him at home and he was 11lbs!  He is getting chubbier and chubbier!  I love it!  He is just about out of most of his newborn clothes and moving into the 0-3 month clothes.  He moved out of newborn diapers around 3 weeks and is now in size 1. 
I have only been peed on once but did have him pee and poop on the bed once too.  I heard a lot of stories about lil boys peeing everywhere but I've been lucky so far to not have had it bad.  {fingers crossed!}
He started getting some baby acne after a couple weeks and it has just gotten worse.  I'm hoping it will soon go away but everyday it just looks worse than the day before.  It is so sad but I still think he is just so handsome!  
it's gonna be hard having a big sister... lol
she loves to hold him

watching tv together

she was so cute she didn't want me to take him away from her when they were playing

Lusi is still doing good with him, she loves him and gives him kisses and tries to hold him and will try to pull him out of my arms or pick him up off the floor.  She doesn't realize she is being too rough or understand what it means to be careful, but it is so cute to see her want to help out with him.  She has shown some jealousy in her own way, like she wants to be held like a baby, and carried all the time, she cries a lot more than she used to and a lot more than baby Ti does.  It is hard to try and appease her when I taking care of baby but I'm just glad that she shows her love for him to him and not her jealousy. 
This first month with Baby Ti has been so easy and he is just such a sweet little baby!  I love him so much and can't wait to watch him continue to grow.
getting chunky!

lil froggy after his bath

love his pose here... #1

I just had to throw this in there cause this girl cracks me up!  On the phone wearing mismatching high heels and my underware around her waist... such a silly girl! 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcome Baby Tevita...

*Beware there may be some TMI in this but I want to get his birth story written before I forget everything. Enjoy.*
When Teki and I got married we knew we wanted to have kids right away... and with that I knew I wanted to have kids close together in age.  So after we had Lusi I knew it wasn't going to be long before we were trying for baby number two.  But with money and stress it was hard to think about having another baby but still I knew if it was meant to be then it would all work out.  So I stopped taking my birth control thinking it would be a while before I got pregnant again... wrong it was like almost immediately.  I think I knew right away that I was pregnant but I wanted to wait to make sure it would be positive on a test... so we officially found out on April 12th that I was indeed pregnant.  I was due Dec. 9th.  We held off on telling people for awhile... and we didn't make the Facebook announcement till we found out what we were having.  Which was right before my birthday, July 9th, we found out we were having a baby boy!  I was excited that we were now going to have a boy but was kind of sad that Lusi wasn't going to have a little sister.  Teki was excited he was finally getting his boy.  We were so happy that our little family was growing.  
How I told Teki I was pregnant.   

My last belly pic at 36 weeks. I  kept forgetting to take them.

My pregnancy went pretty well, as with Lusi it was pretty easy.  I feel really blessed that I have such easy pregnancies.  I was able to work up until the week that I was due.  
When I went in for my 37 week appointment and I was dilated to a 3 so i figured I was going to be ready soon, but then when I went for my 38 week appointment I was still only 3- 3 1/2.  So I was still waiting, walking, working, hoping that I would go into labor.  But then I went in for my 39 week appointment and I was only dilated to a 3 1/2 - 4 so I  had my doctor strip my membranes.  I hoped it would help me go into labor since it worked when I was pregnant with Lusi.  But my appointment was on the Dec. 3rd and my mom wasn't getting into town from Hawaii until the 5th.  She wanted me to wait for her to get here and I did, but at the same time I was so done being pregnant that I just wanted to have him!  But I didn't have him... and was still waiting.  So my mom got here and we were ready to have him.  Me and Teki decided to go to the mall and walk around hoping it would help.  We got to take Lusi to see Santa and we got to do some last minute shopping.  We got home and I was disappointed that I still wasn't feeling anything.  So I went to bed and hoped it would happen soon.  At least my mom was here now so I was hoping he would come since she was finally here and wanted to be here for him.  That night I woke up around 3 am and went pee, which was something I was doing every night so I just went to the bathroom, but I started feeling something, and at first I just thought it was some stomach cramps like I was gonna have to poop.  But I realized I was starting to have contractions.  So I went back to bed and started timing them just to be sure this was the real thing.  They were all over the place, 10 min, then 6, 5, 10, 4, so I wasn't sure what that meant but I figured that it was probably a good time to start getting ready to go to the hospital.  I woke up Teki at 4 and told him to start getting ready and I went up stairs I still kept feeling like I had to poop so I was going to the bathroom a lot and I started getting nauseous and was throwing up.  I woke my mom up around 4:30 and decided to call the hospital, the contractions still weren't consistent so when I called they told me I had to wait till they were at least 5 min apart for an hour before coming in.  So I continued to keep getting ready but I was getting hard, I hadn't even packed my hospital bag and every time I tried to get ready I started having a contraction or was throwing up and then I was on the ground in pain and couldn't do anything.  Finally Teki came up stairs to help me pack my bag and I tried to get myself ready.  By this time it was around 5:30ish and I was still trying to get ready and we were making a lot of noise and Lusi woke up so we finally got everything ready my mom get Lusi and Teki and I left to the hospital my mom was going to meet us there with Lusi since she wanted to be there also and we had no one to watch Lusi.  The contractions were getting worse and worse and I knew we had to get the hospital cause this guy was coming.  So we got to the hospital around 6:15 and checked into Labor and Delivery.  They take you into a room where they check to see your progress and have you change into the gown before they take you to your room.  So they checked me out and my cervix was completely dilated and I was ready so they checked me into the delivery room at 6:30 and the room was full of nurses and doctors ready to deliver a baby but when they all saw me they were all confused since I was so calm and didn't look like I was ready to push out this kid.  So they put in an IV and were waiting for someone to come and draw some blood before they did anything else.  After he finally came and did that then a doctor came in and asked if I wanted him to break my water since it still hadn't broken. So he did that and I really felt like he was coming after that.  The contractions were getting worse and worse and I was starting to feel like I had to push.  But at this point all the people in the room had disappeared except for two nurses.  And I told her I felt like pushing and so the plan  was if I started pushing and he started coming then they would page the doctor and she would come in.  So I started pushing and on the second push the nurse says 'oh i see his hair'  So they page the doctor and I push again and on this push he was crowing but then the contraction stopped and I was in a lot of pain and I started yelling and groaning in pain and poor little Lusi got scared and didn't know what was happening to her mommy and started crying.  My mom was holding one of my legs and the nurse had the other so Teki took Lusi to go out in the hall, but then my next contraction came and I just wanted to get him out to stop the pain and so I was pushing hard but the nurse told me to make small pushes so I wouldn't tear as much.   Finally I felt the relieve as his head was finally out, and he started crying right away and the doctor came into the room right in time for his head to come out.  Finally he was all the way out and Teki came back in and cut the cord.  He was born at 7:12, it was such a fast delivery.  I'm just glad we made it to the hospital in time!  I got to hold him right away and was so in love with him already.  I held him for awhile before they took him to weigh and check him out.  He was 7lbs 2oz and 19 in long and perfect.  After they stitched me up I was still bleeding a lot.  They said that usually when you deliver that fast there is more bleeding.  So they kept checking on me and they had to give me shot of some medicine that was supposed to help slow the bleeding, but still after that I was still bleeding so they gave me some more medicine in a suppository.  Finally my bleeding had slowed enough that we were able to move to our recovery room.  All this time I was just holding my little guy and just feeling so blessed that he was finally here and so happy he picked us to be his parents.  
Having contractions... not happy.

The whole time I was pregnant we couldn't decide on name.  We had talked about calling him Teki Jr., Teki like my dad's name, and my dad gave some family names as suggestions.  But we still couldn't decide.  Finally we decided on Tevita Havea Unufe Nau.  Tevita after my dad, Havea Unufe after Teki's Grandpa who had passed away 25 years ago to the day.  We brought Baby Ti home on the 7th and have been loving having him as a part of our family.  He is a total opposite of his crazy sister.  He is so chill and calm.  He is a really good sleeper and will sleep for up to 4 hours at a time.  I only have to wake up once with him during the night.  I am so grateful and blessed to have a healthy happy baby and that me and him have both been doing so well since his birth.  It is crazy to think of life without him even though he has only been here a short 3 weeks.  We just love him so much and are so blessed, definitely a great way to finish this crazy year off!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Nine Month Birthday!

Today is Lusi's nine month birthday!  Again, I cannot believe how fast the time is going and just how much she is changing and growing, month to month.  This past month has gone by so quick, especially with Christmas and New Years it went by so fast.  I have been so bad at uploading pictures so I will have to add them into this blog later.  But I just wanted to blog on her birthday so here is what Lusi has been up to this month.
On Dec.18 I noticed Lusi's first tooth coming in, her bottom right front tooth, and it broke through later that week.  I was surprised when I saw it because she wasn't even fussy, drooly or doing anything different to make me think she was teething.  I was actually wondering when she was going to start teething because it seemed like every other baby I saw was already getting their teeth.  I guess she just wanted to surprise us.  I noticed her second tooth coming in just yesterday, her bottom left front tooth!
Christmas was fun, my dad came into town on the 22nd and was excited to see his Sofia, as he likes to call her.  Unfortunately Teki had to work, missed Lusi's first Christmas but it was okay because he got off around 2 and we still had time with my family and his.  Christmas morning Lusi woke up around 8ish and everyone was still sleep.  So we just got up ate and started playing while we waiting for everyone to get up.  Finally everyone started getting up around 10 and my dad the last one got up at 11.  So we had to hurry and open presents because we were all going to church at 12.  So we started opening presents and it was fun trying to get Lusi to open her gifts but she really wasn't that interested.  So we just helped her out and tried to get her to get into it.  But maybe next year she will enjoy it more.  She got some clothes, a baby doll, a few puzzle boards one with numbers, one with shapes and colors, and a magnet chalkboard with the alphabet.  Big lego blocks, a singing nursery rhyme book, a cart/high chair cover, socks, snacks, sippy cups, and her first baby toothbrush.  After presents we had to hurry and get ready for church and she got to wear her new red Christmas dress, she was so cute.  After church Teki got home and he opened his presents and we got ready to go down to his family's Christmas party.  We ate, played games and had fun just spending time with Teki's Unufe family.  Lusi was kind of a grump and wasn't very friendly with all her cousins and family.  She kept crying every time someone tried to hold her.  She got even more gifts down there, more clothes and some toys.  I realized the next day why she was such a grump.  The day after Christmas she got her first cold.  She had a runny nose and started coughing.  It was the saddest thing having a sick baby.  She was sick for a couple weeks and is only now seeming to recover fully.  But despite being sick she was still playful and as happy as a sick baby could be.  While she was sick she started doing her own version of a wave hello.  She just puts her arm out and holds it there, it is so cute.  She also started clapping her hands we used to try and have her do it but she would keep her hands in a fist but now she was actually clapping and doing it on her own.  She loves when you get excited and yell 'yaaaaaay' and put your hands in the air, she will copy you and will copy you when you clap.  She also has become so good at crawling and following you when walk away from her.  She used to be good about just staying in the family room and playing in there but she has started to venture out and will go around to the kitchen, making stops along the way to explore.  She has learned to climb stairs and is such a dare devil that she will turn to go down the stairs and will just go strait off the edge and not even hesitate.  We have to be right next to her to catch her or she will fall.  On New Years we went out to dinner with friends and then spent the night at home.  Teki went to bed with Lusi around 10 and I was determined to stay up till midnight because I slept through New Years last year.  So I went down to watch TV to stay up... but still fell asleep and woke up at 11:59 when the count down started.... but hey I was awake at midnight!  I went to wake up Teki to get my New Years kiss and my dad and Reed decided to do some fireworks, so Teki and I watched from our window and enjoyed a the show.  Not the most exciting New Years, but I am just happy to be blessed with health and family and that is all I need for the New Year.  The first week of January we lost out baby sitter and Lusi's favorite aunty... Aunty Jenn.  She moved back to Hawaii for school so we had to figure out what to do for a baby sitter and I work Wed-Sat.  Teki's new schedule has him off Thus and Fri.  So we just needed someone on Wed. and Sat.  Which Mele and Reed agreed they would both help out and take care of her until Teki got home around 12.  So I was really worried and didn't know what we were going to do but everything worked out and Lusi is still in good hands.  We are excited for this new year and hopefully 2012 will be as good to us as 2011 was. 
I still can't believe my baby is 9 months old!  She is just such a delight and brings so much love and joy into our home.  She is developing such a strong personality, she is a little diva!  She knows what she wants and when she doesn't get it she lets you know.  She is definitely a momma's girl!  I love her so much and am loving watching her grow up!  Happy Nine Month Birthday Baby Girl!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


So our new church time for this year is 11:00 which is great for me because it was at 9 and that was so hard to get up and get myself and Lusi ready on time.  Well turns out 11 is better for getting ready but it is also right around Lusi's nap time and that isn't going to well.  She is so nosy and wants to see everything she does not like going to sleep at church.  Also Teki's new schedule with Delta has him working on Sunday's again, so I'm once again going to church alone.  It is hard, and today was one of those days that I wondered why I was even going at all.  Got up and started getting ready, got Lusi fed and dressed, even got my crock pot dinner ready all before church.  Right before we left Lusi started getting grumpy and I knew she needed a nap, she fell asleep on the way to church and so when I got there I just covered her up and took her car seat in.  Well after I walk into sacrament and sit down, I see her little feet kicking and I knew she was already awake.  So I pull her out and she is just so excited and wide awake.  So I took her car seat back to the car and got her stroller instead, she is getting so heavy and with her diaper bag and everything it's too much to carry.  She is such a busy baby, she is constantly moving and trying to see what is going on everywhere and touch everything she sees and play with all her toys 30 secs at a time.  It is hard to keep her entertained and keep her quiet and close to me for the whole sacrament.  She ended up bumping her head on the bench and screaming so I had to take her out.  She usually does something and needs to be taken out at some point.  During Sunday school our class is in the gym and I usually have to walk her around in the back of the class to keep her happy and try to put her to sleep (which hardly ever works)  luckily today I pushed her in her stroller around for about 25 min and she went to sleep.  She sleep till half way through Relief Society and then was back to being busy.  Since we are in a Tongan ward I have to use the headsets for translation in Sacrament and when Relief Society is combined (on Fast Sunday and the 5th Sunday).  It gets so hard to keep my head phones on when I'm trying to keep track of Lusi.  And today really had me questioning why I was even there.  It would be so much easier just to stay home, some Sundays I'm spending most of my time in the hall not even learning anything.  Teki isn't there and I sometimes I want to just stay home and not deal with all the hassle.  But I know it is all worth it, that it will all be worth it in the long run.  Hopefully one day Lusi will understand that I did it for her, to show her how important this gospel is and that no matter what that is where we should be on Sundays.  I don't know how my mom did it, with 5 of us all on her own.  She is such a strong women and a perfect example.  Today was just one of those days but it also helped me realize that no matter what I am where I need to be and where I should be.  I love this Church and am grateful for the blessings it brings to my life.