Thursday, September 15, 2011

5 months!...

Today is Lusi's 5 month birthday!  I can't believe how fast these months have gone by.  I never believed when people would say, "enjoy it cause they grow up so fast"... but really they grow up soo fast!  I can't believe how big my little Lusi is and how much she is learning.  She now weighs around 16lbs and is 29in long.  She is learning to sit up on her own and will sit for a little bit before she throws her balance off and falls over... but sometimes she catches herself with an arm and can steady herself before face planting it.  She's been able to roll over from her back to her belly for over a month now but we are still working on getting her to roll back, from belly to back.  She is such a fast learner, and strong.  She is working on using her arms more in tummy time and after about 2 days of practicing she was able to lift her chest off the ground.  She now gets into the crawling position but doesn't know what to do from there.  She does a little squirming around and can go backwards and around in a circle.
Her legs are very strong and has been able to stand supported since she was a new born.  She loves to be held standing in your lap or on the floor and has even practiced walking... with help of course.  She has such chunky little legs, and lots of rolls, and squishy little cheeks!  Her hair is getting so long and the other day we did her first pony tail.

She loves outside and going for walks, she goes on daily walks, plus it helps her fall asleep.  We've taken her on a few hikes and she seems to enjoy all the different things to look at.  She hates taking naps and has pretty much since the first month.  She will only nap in her stroller, on someone, and occasionally will actually put herself to sleep after playing.  She usually takes a bunch of short naps through out the day rather than a big one, which does make it hard sometimes for us watching her to get anything done.

She started eating baby cereal on her 4 month birthday and continues to like it.  She has gotten really good with eating using a spoon, we are now getting her used to drinking from a cup.  She loves bananas!  But they did cause a little bit of a rash so we are gonna wait a while longer before we start that up again.

She is such a little talker, and she is loud!  She likes to scream, not just when she's mad but when she is really excited and even just in normal talking.  She is such a happy baby and has the sweetest smile.  I love all her little faces and just watching her personality develop.

I will admit it hasn't always been easy and fun, but it has definitely worth it!  Lusi is our world and I wouldn't change anything... in fact I don't know how we lived without her!  She has brought Teki and I so much closer as a couple and family.  I am so grateful that we have had this opportunity to be parents and I just love my little eternal family so much!

Happy 5 Month Birthday Lusi!  We Love You!!