Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eight is Great! 8 months...

lil gangsta baby
Can't believe my sweet girl is eight months old today!  She is getting so big and growing so much!  She has become so active, she started bear crawling around 6 1/2 months then by 7 months she had crawling down.  And she has been all over the place, not too long after crawling she decided she wanted to learn to walk and started pulling herself up all over the place, on the couch, on chairs, in her crib, on me, or anyone that would let her.  She just loved standing up, and she was so strong she started pulling herself up walking along the couch.  She loves being able to move around herself and be mobile.  Since she is so active she getting more 'ouchies'.  She bumps her head a lot and loses her balance and falls a lot but we try to catch her most of the time and then comfort her when she gets scared and cries or gets hurt, but mostly she is a tough girl and will just get up and go back to playing.  She is starting to do what seems like dancing, she shakes her head up and down and kind of rocks her body.  It is so cute and kind of funny.  She will also kind of sing or hum along to music.  She is still drinking breast milk and continues to eat the baby cereal.  I also kind of went on an all natural kick and made my own baby food.  I make carrots, green beans, sweet potato, squash, and peas, all of which she loves.  I've also made some applesauce and pears.  She is a good eater for the most part, some times it gets hard and she will spit her food everywhere... by the time she is done it is all over me, her high chair, and the floor.  But she does love eating and it shows!  Her hair is getting so long and she has a lot of new hair coming in too.  She often rocks the pig tails, it's so cute!  She still has such a loud voice when she is mad she lets everyone know.  She is starting to babble a lot more and Teki and I are trying to teach her 'mama' 'dada' and see who she says first.  She is growing up so fast. 
I am excited for this Christmas because it is the first for Lusi and our family.  I know she doesn't really get it yet but it has been fun showing her the Christmas tree and lights and she even got to sit on Santa's lap at a Christmas party last week, she didn't even cry!  It is so much fun watching her grow and learn to do new things.  It has been such a fun 8 months and they just keep getting better and better.  She is such a joy and I can't imagine my life without her.  I love her so much and it just keeps growing and growing.  Happy Eight Month Birthday Baby Girl!!!  We love you!  Here are a few more pics.
on her 7 month birthday
Happy Thanksgiving
Sweet baby bear