Monday, October 31, 2011

First Halloween...Quack Quack!

So I am a slacker at blogging but I just wanted to blog about Lusi's first Halloween.  So when we were trying to decide what Lusi would be for Halloween we had to choose between a monkey and a duck.  They were both super cute and we loved her as a monkey but we had to go with the lil duck... since Teki is the Duck we had to.  Plus the costume was so cute with the stripped tights!  After deciding on Lusi's costume we had to figure out what Teki and I would be.  So we wanted to keep the same theme going so I searched everywhere for a cow costume and found one finally at Saver's of all places.  Teki's costume was easy since he was going to be the farmer.  We were Old McDonald's farm family and it was so cute.

I was happy that Halloween was on a Monday since I have Monday's off so I got to spend the day with Lusi.  we decided we were going to go to the mall to go trick-or-treating and then go just around our block afterwards.  So we headed to the mall around 5, Jenn, Aj, Teki and I and we met up with our friend Laurie and her daughter Jada.  It was so much fun trick-or-treating at the mall just going from store to store.  I know Lusi didn't really understand what was going on but she had fun showing off how cute she it and getting candy for her mommy and daddy.  We made our rounds around the whole mall when we got kicked out because Jenn and Aj were mimes and apparently you cannot have full face paint in the mall.  Which is really stupid considering they didn't kick us out until we were already ready to leave.  Stupid mall cops.  Anyways on the way home we stopped to get some pizza and some candy to pass out to trick-or treaters.  By the time we got home Lusi was tried and hungry and ended up knocking out so we didn't make it around the block, but she did have a lot of fun at the mall and that was good enough for me.  It was such a fun day and I look forward to her getting older actually understanding the holidays and starting to share traditions as a family.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Half a year already!

Lusi turned 6 months yesterday!  I can't believe that it has actually been half a year, it is crazy how time flies by!  She is such a 'delight' (as Aunty Jenn likes to say) and brings so much joy and happiness into our home.  This past month Lusi has gone back into a bad sleeping pattern.  She was doing well sleeping through the night but the past few weeks she has been on her own schedule.  After going to bed around 9 or 10 she will randomly wake up at 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on the night.  I should be grateful that she is only waking once but still I am missing my sleep!  We stopped her rice cereal about a week after her 5 months because her skin was kind of rough and pink and splotchy in some areas so we wanted  to see if it would clear up if we stopped the cereal and it did.  But we started back up about a week ago and the skin problems came back.  She has her 6 month check up tomorrow so we will have to check with the doctor and see what she says.  But she is doing just fine without the extra food, she loves the boob and she is pretty chunky just from the milk.  I want to keep breast feeding her until she turns 1.  I have got quite the stock of milk out in the freezer, so I may stop earlier and let her use up that supply till she's 1.  
The past week and a half have been exciting,  every day we are just waiting for her to crawl.  She gets up into the position and kind of rocks but she hasn't quite figured out what to do from there.  But she has that determined look on her face and I know it will be any day now that she starts crawling.  We should really start baby proofing the house because I know this little girl is going to be everywhere!  She already is such a wild child.  She cannot sit still she is constantly looking for something to grab or play with, she is also really nosy and always is trying to see what is going on everywhere!  When she gets excited she gets the biggest smile and it just melts my heart, she also will throw her hands down hitting herself in her thighs over and over, we call it her Haka.  She also will laugh and squeal in delight when shes happy or excited.  
Although she is not crawling she has found her ways to be mobile.  She started sitting unsupported the weekend after she turned 5 months.  Teki came back from a rugby tournament in Aspen and was surprised she was sitting on her own.  But she will start out sitting and then reach forward and somehow scoots or shimmies and rolls over ends up all over the place.  She had her first fall off the bed, under Aunty Jenn's care, :(  She was on the bed a safe distance from the edge, but decided to reach for the phone she saw near the edge.  She did her little shimmying and reached it but as she reached she started falling and unfortunately Aunty Jenn was about a second too late to catch her and she hit the ground.  Luckily she didn't fall face first off the bed but it was more of a side fall and her whole body hit at the same time.  She screamed but I think she was more just scared than hurt, because when I got home about 2 min later she was already done crying about it.  She is gonna be a tough lil girl!  Aunty Jenn felt really bad and almost started crying, I think she was more hurt than Lusi.  But there was nothing wrong with her and she is fine.
With all this moving around I have been waiting for her to roll over all the way and I don't know if she has done it before but today I witnessed it for the first time.  She has been able to roll from her back to her belly for awhile now but today she rolled from her belly to her back and at one point she did a full roll, belly to back then back to belly all at once.  I was a proud mommy!
She still loves to scream and talk and sing.  I love when she talks to me and all the little noises she makes.  I'm trying to teach her 'mama' before she says 'dada' but we'll see who wins that one.  Lol.
She has started to throw little fits if you take away something she is playing with or if you don't pick her up.  I don't want her to be a spoiled girl but I hate to hear her scream.  But I do try to distract her with other things so that she will forget about why she is screaming that way she isn't really getting her way.  But lets be honest... the girl is the Boss!  It is getting so fun to see her start developing her own personality and doing things on her own.  She is becoming such a big girl and it is just such a joy watching her grow.  
She is such a little chunk!  I'm not sure how much she weighs now but she is a lil fatty!  She has so many rolls and is so squishy!  I love her chunkyness!  She is so big I feel like she is like half of me, she definitely gives me a work out carrying her around!  
Teki had the opportunity to stay home with her for a couple weeks while he was transition between jobs.  He got to wake up with her and take care of her through out the day.  I was so glad he got this time to bond with her because he didn't get to stay home with her for 12 weeks like I did, he was back to work the 3 days after she was born.  He is such a good daddy and does such a good job with her.  He helps out a lot and lets me get rest when I need it.  He always takes her on walks and is the best at getting her to fall asleep, must be those big arms he has that she just can fall asleep so easily.  I am so grateful that he is such an amazing daddy and husband! 
I still can't believe it has been 6 months!  It has been a lot of work but again I wouldn't change a thing!  She is the sweetest thing and brings so much love into our family!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


So rewind like 6 months and I was kind of freaking out about my job... the company was planning on relocating about an hour away.  Not only that it was coming at a really bad time, during my maternity leave.  Well the plan was for the company to move July 18th or somewhere around that date.  My maternity leave ended July 6th.  My plan was I was just going to go back for the two weeks get in some hours and then just stay home with Lusi.  Well we were getting ready to leave to Montana for our 4th of July vacation and my sister Mele who works there also, came home from work and told me that they had a meeting and announced they wouldn't be moving until October 1st.  So it was a happy/sad moment.  I was getting excited that I was going to be a stay at home mom, but I also knew that if I could work that I should.  So I decided that I would go back even if it would just be for a few months.  Then around the end of July, another meeting, another announcement... They were no longer moving at all!  I was happy that I had my job security back and I didn't have to worry anymore about what we were going to do or how we were going to pay our bills, and most importantly we were going to keep our health insurance for lil Lusi.  It was very emotional and a lot of stress worrying about what we were going to do when I first got the news, I was so overwhelmed with how everything was going to work out... and now it has and I feel so blessed that I am able to work and that my wonderful husband is able to work and we both can provide for our family. 
In other news Teki has made some job changes,  he quit his job at SkyChef and has gotten hired on at Delta!  He starts up in a couple weeks and he has also started at my job, Youth Care.  So we are excited for these changes and new opportunities.  But I think I am most excited for flight benefits!!!  I'm so ready to do some traveling!