Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcome Baby Tevita...

*Beware there may be some TMI in this but I want to get his birth story written before I forget everything. Enjoy.*
When Teki and I got married we knew we wanted to have kids right away... and with that I knew I wanted to have kids close together in age.  So after we had Lusi I knew it wasn't going to be long before we were trying for baby number two.  But with money and stress it was hard to think about having another baby but still I knew if it was meant to be then it would all work out.  So I stopped taking my birth control thinking it would be a while before I got pregnant again... wrong it was like almost immediately.  I think I knew right away that I was pregnant but I wanted to wait to make sure it would be positive on a test... so we officially found out on April 12th that I was indeed pregnant.  I was due Dec. 9th.  We held off on telling people for awhile... and we didn't make the Facebook announcement till we found out what we were having.  Which was right before my birthday, July 9th, we found out we were having a baby boy!  I was excited that we were now going to have a boy but was kind of sad that Lusi wasn't going to have a little sister.  Teki was excited he was finally getting his boy.  We were so happy that our little family was growing.  
How I told Teki I was pregnant.   

My last belly pic at 36 weeks. I  kept forgetting to take them.

My pregnancy went pretty well, as with Lusi it was pretty easy.  I feel really blessed that I have such easy pregnancies.  I was able to work up until the week that I was due.  
When I went in for my 37 week appointment and I was dilated to a 3 so i figured I was going to be ready soon, but then when I went for my 38 week appointment I was still only 3- 3 1/2.  So I was still waiting, walking, working, hoping that I would go into labor.  But then I went in for my 39 week appointment and I was only dilated to a 3 1/2 - 4 so I  had my doctor strip my membranes.  I hoped it would help me go into labor since it worked when I was pregnant with Lusi.  But my appointment was on the Dec. 3rd and my mom wasn't getting into town from Hawaii until the 5th.  She wanted me to wait for her to get here and I did, but at the same time I was so done being pregnant that I just wanted to have him!  But I didn't have him... and was still waiting.  So my mom got here and we were ready to have him.  Me and Teki decided to go to the mall and walk around hoping it would help.  We got to take Lusi to see Santa and we got to do some last minute shopping.  We got home and I was disappointed that I still wasn't feeling anything.  So I went to bed and hoped it would happen soon.  At least my mom was here now so I was hoping he would come since she was finally here and wanted to be here for him.  That night I woke up around 3 am and went pee, which was something I was doing every night so I just went to the bathroom, but I started feeling something, and at first I just thought it was some stomach cramps like I was gonna have to poop.  But I realized I was starting to have contractions.  So I went back to bed and started timing them just to be sure this was the real thing.  They were all over the place, 10 min, then 6, 5, 10, 4, so I wasn't sure what that meant but I figured that it was probably a good time to start getting ready to go to the hospital.  I woke up Teki at 4 and told him to start getting ready and I went up stairs I still kept feeling like I had to poop so I was going to the bathroom a lot and I started getting nauseous and was throwing up.  I woke my mom up around 4:30 and decided to call the hospital, the contractions still weren't consistent so when I called they told me I had to wait till they were at least 5 min apart for an hour before coming in.  So I continued to keep getting ready but I was getting hard, I hadn't even packed my hospital bag and every time I tried to get ready I started having a contraction or was throwing up and then I was on the ground in pain and couldn't do anything.  Finally Teki came up stairs to help me pack my bag and I tried to get myself ready.  By this time it was around 5:30ish and I was still trying to get ready and we were making a lot of noise and Lusi woke up so we finally got everything ready my mom get Lusi and Teki and I left to the hospital my mom was going to meet us there with Lusi since she wanted to be there also and we had no one to watch Lusi.  The contractions were getting worse and worse and I knew we had to get the hospital cause this guy was coming.  So we got to the hospital around 6:15 and checked into Labor and Delivery.  They take you into a room where they check to see your progress and have you change into the gown before they take you to your room.  So they checked me out and my cervix was completely dilated and I was ready so they checked me into the delivery room at 6:30 and the room was full of nurses and doctors ready to deliver a baby but when they all saw me they were all confused since I was so calm and didn't look like I was ready to push out this kid.  So they put in an IV and were waiting for someone to come and draw some blood before they did anything else.  After he finally came and did that then a doctor came in and asked if I wanted him to break my water since it still hadn't broken. So he did that and I really felt like he was coming after that.  The contractions were getting worse and worse and I was starting to feel like I had to push.  But at this point all the people in the room had disappeared except for two nurses.  And I told her I felt like pushing and so the plan  was if I started pushing and he started coming then they would page the doctor and she would come in.  So I started pushing and on the second push the nurse says 'oh i see his hair'  So they page the doctor and I push again and on this push he was crowing but then the contraction stopped and I was in a lot of pain and I started yelling and groaning in pain and poor little Lusi got scared and didn't know what was happening to her mommy and started crying.  My mom was holding one of my legs and the nurse had the other so Teki took Lusi to go out in the hall, but then my next contraction came and I just wanted to get him out to stop the pain and so I was pushing hard but the nurse told me to make small pushes so I wouldn't tear as much.   Finally I felt the relieve as his head was finally out, and he started crying right away and the doctor came into the room right in time for his head to come out.  Finally he was all the way out and Teki came back in and cut the cord.  He was born at 7:12, it was such a fast delivery.  I'm just glad we made it to the hospital in time!  I got to hold him right away and was so in love with him already.  I held him for awhile before they took him to weigh and check him out.  He was 7lbs 2oz and 19 in long and perfect.  After they stitched me up I was still bleeding a lot.  They said that usually when you deliver that fast there is more bleeding.  So they kept checking on me and they had to give me shot of some medicine that was supposed to help slow the bleeding, but still after that I was still bleeding so they gave me some more medicine in a suppository.  Finally my bleeding had slowed enough that we were able to move to our recovery room.  All this time I was just holding my little guy and just feeling so blessed that he was finally here and so happy he picked us to be his parents.  
Having contractions... not happy.

The whole time I was pregnant we couldn't decide on name.  We had talked about calling him Teki Jr., Teki like my dad's name, and my dad gave some family names as suggestions.  But we still couldn't decide.  Finally we decided on Tevita Havea Unufe Nau.  Tevita after my dad, Havea Unufe after Teki's Grandpa who had passed away 25 years ago to the day.  We brought Baby Ti home on the 7th and have been loving having him as a part of our family.  He is a total opposite of his crazy sister.  He is so chill and calm.  He is a really good sleeper and will sleep for up to 4 hours at a time.  I only have to wake up once with him during the night.  I am so grateful and blessed to have a healthy happy baby and that me and him have both been doing so well since his birth.  It is crazy to think of life without him even though he has only been here a short 3 weeks.  We just love him so much and are so blessed, definitely a great way to finish this crazy year off!


  1. Yayyyy you blogged!! haha i like this story. Baby Ti waited for grandma to come and then he came out. I didn't know lusi started crying when you were having the baby. That's so cute and sad. Anyways can you PLEEEASE come visit so I can meet my handsome nephew? Thanks.

  2. Congratulations! Your kids are so adorable!