Friday, January 15, 2016

Tevita 4 and 5 Months

Originally written May 2013

Well I tried my best to write every month but here we are, 5 and a half months already and only blogging now... so anyways here we go.  Baby Ti had his 4 month check up on April 16th, he weighed in at 18lbs 2oz and 28 1/2in long.  And he is bigger now but don't have his measurements.  He is getting so big!  around 4 months he was already wearing 9 month pants and he could still fit into 6 month onesies but the 9 month ones fit as well.  Now at 5 months he is wearing 9 month clothes and as the weather is getting warmer we don't have to worry about his pants being floods.  He is still wearing size 3 diapers but with his chunky thighs we could probably move up to size 4.  He continues to be such a strong boy, he started sitting up right around 4 months, he would put his arms out in front of him to steady himself and could hold it for a few seconds before falling over.  We're now still working on getting him to sit up but is getting better at it and can hold it for longer than a few seconds.  He rolled over from his back to belly for the first time on April 15th, I've seen him roll from his belly to back a few times but doesn't do it very often.  He really does tummy time so well and will stay on his belly for long periods of time without crying.  Lately just the past week or so he has started to kind of push up enough and kind of get onto his knees like he wants to start crawling.  But he doesn't quite get anywhere and he starts to get frustrated and then cries.  But I feel like he may start crawling soon, or at least army crawling.  We started him on baby cereal just after his 4 months.  He really seemed to like it at first and we were feeding him just once a day and sometimes not at all.  As we started doing it more daily it seems like he is not liking it so much.  But he is always really interested when we are eating food in front of him like he wants to eat real food already.
He continues to be a smiley baby and he is sometimes such a flirt with anyone who gives him attention.  He has the cutest little silent laugh that he does all the time but has started to laugh more now especially when you play with him.  He loves sitting in his Bumbo, walker, or highchair.  He just sits and will play with toys or whatever he can reach.  We were calling him Brother for Lusi and when ever we would tell Lusi to say Brother it first started out as Brieder then it changed to Brayer, now it has evolved to Bear and that has become his new nickname.  He is still Cool Ti but mostly we call him Bear, Son or just Ti. 
Baby Ti had his first Easter March 31, Teki's family watched them on the Saturday before and Teki's mom did a Easter egg hunt for Lusi and got her an Easter basket.  Her aunty Lika got her an Easter basket and we got her a basket and some eggs, needless to say she was very spoiled!  Easter morning Teki had to work so me and Lusi dyed some eggs and then got ready for church, Teki met us there and we all had a good day together.  Of course Baby Ti was an angel.
Lusi is still a sweetheart to Ti and loves to try and help out with him but she has started being rougher with him and will sometimes scold him or hit him.  I know she isn't trying to be mean but it's hard to get her to understand that she needs to be soft or that he is still a baby and we don't do that to him.  Sometimes she is just so cute though, almost every morning she is jumping in his crib with him and playing with him giving him loves.  She copies him a lot of the time and I know she gets jealous of him a lot.  I just try to give her attention and hope that it is enough.
Lusi's 2nd birthday was April 15th, I can't believe that she is two already!  It has gone so fast and it's like my baby isn't a baby any more.  She is so hilarious and cracks me up with all the weird crazy things she does.  She still can drive me crazy, test my patience and push my buttons but that all just comes with the job.  She had officially entered her terrible twos and she shows it.  I am just loving being her mom and trying my best to just be the best to her.  We celebrated Lusi's birthday April 13th by just having a small get together/bbq at our house.  Lusi loved all the attention and it was a fun time.  The next day we went to Vegas for my cousin Keti's farewell.  The babies drove down with my mom, sisters and Reed and I flew out after work.  My dad also flew out and met us all there.  It was a nice Sunday and got to see some family from Hawaii and Texas that also came out.  We didn't get to enjoy all the Vegas-y things but it's okay because that's not what we went for.  Just adding another state to Baby Ti's travelings

Things have been kind of hard with me working and having to find family to watch the kids so I'm hoping to stop working next month in June sometime.  It will be nice to be home with the kids and be able to give them all the attention they deserve.  I just love being a mommy and being able to have these two kids who couldn't be more opposite but equally loveable. 

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