Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's all my fault...

So last month I scheduled a dentist appointment for Teki, since I added him to my insurance I figure he better go in and get checked since I'm paying for his insurance.  He hasn't been in since he got checked before his mission!  So he thinks he takes care of his teeth and nothing was bothering him so he thought it would be just a cleaning and no problem.  WRONG!!  He ended up having three cavities and needs a crown on a tooth that is chipped and he didn't even know it.  So last Monday he went to get his fillings, two of them were really bad and there was actually a fourth tooth that needed a filling.  So he got one on his right side and three on his left.  The dentist was surprised that his teeth hadn't been bothering him with how deep these cavities were.  So of course now that his teeth have been drilled and filled they now hurt.  And guess who is to blame.... yup, ME!  Apparently it is my fault because I made him go in to get a cleaning, his teeth didn't hurt but were bad and now they are fixed and they hurt.  Gotta love his logic...  Even if it doesn't really make sense and I might get irritated when he is absurd  like this I can't help but just love him more and more every day!!  Truly blessed to have him as my husband! 

Can't wait to see what he says after he gets his crown!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

29 Weeks...

Well I am officially in my last trimester of this pregnancy!  This week I am 29 weeks and everything has been going so well.  I'm getting bigger and bigger and starting to feel it, sitting for too long always seems to hurt my back... sleeping is getting more and more uncomfortable.  I've been trying to stay active and go to the gym but I always seem too tired and a lil bit lazy to drag myself there.  My pants are all too tight and even the new ones I bought don't seem to fit quite right, but maybe because I refuse to buy maternity clothes.  Luckily I have still been able to wear most of my old clothes and haven't had to buy new stuff.
 I'm huge!
My appointments are now every two weeks, until I get to 36 weeks then after that they will be every week.  Last week I went for my appointment and I had to do a glucose screening, which means I go to the lab drink a glucose drink and then wait an hour then they draw my blood.  It's to check for gestational diabetes.  So I did that before my appointment, when I saw my doctor she told me that I didn't ever get my OB panel which I'm not sure exactly what that is but it required like six tubes of blood.  I had been to get labs done before but some how it was missed and I never got it done.  Unfortunately for me I have like only one good vein and since I had just been in to have the glucose screening they tried to use the same vein but nothing would come out.  So the phlebotomist tried another vein on the back of my hand, that didn't work.  So he had to switch out with another guy and this guy tried my other arm, right below where I bend my arm, right when he put it in it started hurting and I knew it wasn't working... but I let him poke around and try to get it and there was like hardly any blood coming out and he stopped and took it out... finally he tried again lower on my forearm and he finally got it, but it was super slow and with six tubes to get it was taking forever, he finally just started getting the minimum of how much blood each tube could have.  Finally I was done and got to leave with two green and two red guaze bandages on my arms... and now I have lovely bruises on my arms the third poke being the worst one, he totally blew up that vein!  I was just glad to get that done and over with!  I just hope when I go into labor it isn't hard to find veins for labs and for my IV.  Just had to share that fun blood draw story with everyone.
 The third and worst of the pokes!
 The one they finally got blood from
 The second poke... not too bad.
 Otherwise pregnancy has been really easy.  I don't really get any cravings or mood swings, at least that is what I think, my husband might tell you differently.  But in my first trimester I could not eat desserts!  The thought of brownies, cookies, ice cream, anything like that I did not find any interest in.  Luckily that went away and I can now enjoy treats again but that was really my only weird thing.  There were smells that bothered me but nothing that I could not stand.  My eating has not changed very much I might eat more than before but I don't get crazy thinking 'I'm eating for two, it's okay' I don't feel like I have to over eat.  My baby gets fed and I don't want to gain more weight than I need to!  My first appointment I weighted 114 lbs.  And at my appointment last week I weighed 132 lbs.  I try to not get caught up in the numbers because I know I am still small but it's just hard to not feel fat when all your pants don't fit!  With only 11 weeks left I cannot wait for this lil girl to come.  She is so active always punching and kicking me, and I love that feeling of her moving in my belly.  It really is so amazing and I love when Teki just holds my belly waiting for her to kick.  I am just so in love with both of them and so exciting for our lil family.