Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tevita Three Months..

Originally written March 2013

Three months have really flown by... I can't believe how quickly the time has gone.  I am writing this a bit late but still I want to try to write every months changes.  So here goes... 3 and almost a half months.  The beginning of this month was the end of my 12 week maternity leave, I hadn't really planned on going back to work because we didn't really have anyone to watch the kids and it's kind of hard asking someone to watch two kids, without having to put them in daycare.  So we kind of figured everything out and Teki's sister said she would help out and we got a plan for everything.  So I went back on the 6th (Baby Ti's 3 month birthday) and I work Wed - Sat.  And Teki had switched his schedule around so he is off on those days and he and his sis coordinated to always have someone home with them.  It was hard going back to work and I know it was hard for Lusi especially.  She had become so attached to me being home every day with her.  It was really sad to leave them both, but since I have the insurance for our family through my job I had to go back, at least for a little bit and to help out with hospital bills and other expenses. 
My last month at home was pretty nice, we continued to potty train Lusi which she has done pretty well at but I feel like maybe I jumped the gun and started her too early because I feel like we've been doing this for over a month and she still isn't the best, but I don't know cause I've never potty trained anyone before.  But she continues to get better but then some days not so much, on a good note she has never had an accident in public.  Either way it's too late to turn back now so we will just keep moving forward with it.
Lusi continues to be a loving big sister it's always so sweet when I catch her doing nice things for him, whether it's putting a blanket on him or putting his binky in his mouth our just sitting and (trying to) play with him.  She still gets jealous and it gets hard trying to juggle them both but I just do my best and try to spend time with each of them so they know I love them.

Baby Ti has been getting so chubby, I just love all his rolls and chub!  I don't know how much he weighs but he sure is getting heavy.  He is also so tall, he is in 6 month pants but I put him in a pair of 9 month pants and they were a bit long but fit pretty well.  He is still wearing 3 month onesies but that is just because I don't really have more clothes for him (yet).  They still fit, they are just tight, so I would say he is or should be wearing 6 month clothes and possibly 9 month pants.  He is wearing size 3 diapers, we kind of skipped size 2 because the Costco brand diapers only have 1-2, then 3.  So we just moved him on up and they fit pretty good with his chunky thighs! 
Baby Ti had his first Valentines day we celebrated by having Teki home which doesn't always happen and we all had breakfast together then we went to the library story time then the Aquarium.  It was a nice family day and I'm just glad I got to spend it with my loves.  The next day we headed down to St. George and stayed with Teki's brother and his family.  Teki had a rugby game down there and so we decided to all go down and visit.  It was such a nice weekend out there the weather was perfectly warm and it was nice to get some sun.  It was also nice to spend time with my sister in law Kanani and my lil niece Anuhea.  The next weekend Teki had a home game in Seattle and so Baby Ti and I flew out to go watch his game and we left Lusi with Teki's parents.  It was also Teki's birthday weekend since his bday was on the 20th.  So we wanted to have a little trip before I had to go back to work.  It was exciting for me since I'd never been to Seattle, so baby Ti and I flew in on Friday the 22nd.  We stayed with our friends Mike and Pua Palefau.  They have the cutest little family and it was fun visiting with them and just enjoying a weekend away and playing tourists.
On the big wheel in Seattle
In St. George
In Baby Ti's three short months he has already visited two other states!  I think he was meant to travel since he is such a good baby on flights and just in general.  He really is my little angel.  He could not be more opposite from his sister.  He still just chills all the time, hardly cries and is so easy.  He is so good with his tummy time and his neck is so strong he can now sit in his Bumbo and loves to sit up and just look around and whats going on.  He still is sleeping well at night he is starting to go 5-7 hours.  He usually takes about a good 4 hour nap during the day and then little naps here and there after that.  He is still very social and such a smiley, happy boy.  I still am completely obsessed with him and think he is the most handsome boy ever!  He is started to want more attention and I forget he is growing up and wants to play too sometimes.  He is just such a sweet boy and I am so in love with him.  I think Heavenly Father knew I needed an easy baby so that I could keep up with my already terrible almost 2 year old.  I love my little family!
Gotta just add this one cause she is crazy and I love her!!

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