Friday, July 31, 2015

They call me Cool Ti...

Originally written 02/2013... never posted because I was too lazy to add pictures so now two and a half years later here it is... lol.

2 Months already I can't believe it!  Time is going too fast and baby Ti is getting so big!  This last month was really fun and exciting for us.  After we weren't able to make it to Hawaii for Christmas I still really wanted to go and see the family and get out of the cold!  Teki was going to have to stay and work so it would be me traveling with the two babies.  So I had my 6 week postpartum appointment on Jan. 14 so we decided to leave the next day, the 15th, luckily the direct flight to Hawaii was open and we were able to get on that flight.  Teki was already at work so we had his sister drop us off and he was able to help us through security which really helped out a lot!  Even better the flight was open enough to get a seat for all of us.  Baby Ti was so good he slept for more than half the flight and I brought his car seat so I didn't have to hold him the whole time.  I was really worried how Lusi was going to do but surprisingly she did really well.  She finally went to sleep with about 2 hrs left of the almost 6 hr flight.  I was so happy to get to Hawaii and my mom and Mele were so happy to see the babies!  We spent two weeks out there and Teki was able to come out for the our last weekend, which was really nice and we had a lot of fun hanging out with my siblings.  We left Hawaii  on the 29th and my mom came back with us and she was able to help me out at the airport.  We took the night flight so the babies just slept the whole time which was nice.  Mele came in the next day and my dad the following day because we were blessing baby Ti on Sunday.  We had his baby blessing on February 3rd.  Teki did the blessing and did such a good job.  I am so grateful for a worthy priesthood holder who is able to bless our children and just be the head of our family.  We had a small get together at our house afterwards.  It was nice because it was also the Superbowl so we had lots of family, food, and then football.  It was such a nice day and of course Baby Ti was an angel for his blessing.  Since then my dad, mom and Mele all went back to Hawaii but it was nice to have them all here.  It has been just back to me and the babies all day while Teki works.  We have since started potty training Lusi and it was been going pretty well so far only a few accidents but we're getting there.
Today we had baby Ti's 2 month appointment.  He weighs in at 14lbs 4oz (95th%) and he is 24.5in long (90th%).  He is growing so fast and getting so big.  I feel like he grew so much just this past month even Teki noticed a big difference with not seeing him for a week and a half before he came out to Hawaii.
He is still such an angel baby, he is so calm and chill most the time.  He hardly ever cries only when he is hungry or wants some attention.  It is so cute if he is fussing his cries turn to smiles and laughs if you just start talking to him.  He is such a smiley baby, and he is very social.  If you start talking to him he is all smiles, he loves the attention.  He has continued to be a good sleeper.  He will sleep for 4-5 hrs during the night and I am still only waking up once with him usually early morning.  Then he will take lots of naps throughout the day which gives me plenty of time to get things done and take care of crazy Lusi.  It was nice in Hawaii cause with all the going around he was just nice and asleep in his car seat most the time.
He is now wearing size 1-2 diapers but i think he's going to need size 2 very soon.  I'm just waiting to finish this last box and he will be moving up.  He is wearing size 0-3 or 3 mo clothes (if there is even a difference).  We'll see how long that lasts, since I feel he is growing so fast.  I can already see his pants getting a bit short... he may need 6 mo pants already!  His double chin has come in very nicely as have his leg rolls and arm rolls.  He is just such a cute little squish.  He is such a good quick eater.  With Lusi I felt she was constantly on the boob, she would just eat and eat and eat,  I could give her the boob any time and she would take it, with Ti he will eat and when he is done he doesn't want it at all.  He eats better during the day but at night it is hard to keep him up even for a full 10 mins so I am having to pump just in the mornings to drain what he hasn't finished so I am still adding to my growing freezer stock.  He still takes a pacifier really well but isn't too attached to it.  His skin cleared up really well when we were in Hawaii and has only gotten better since being back, it's nice to have a smooth skin baby finally.  We have been calling him just baby Ti, some famliy call him Vita, Teki calls him Buddy, and my dad decided that he is Cool Ti.  I like that best but I still just call him, Son.  He continues to be such a bleesed addition to our family.  Every day I just obsess over how cute and loveable he is.  I feel like such a blessed mom to have such beautiful loving kids.  They are really are the light in my life and I am so grateful for this time I get to spend with them everyday.  I really don't want to go back to work but I am afraid I might have to.